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What I Offer



As a Left Handed Crocheter, I understand the difficulties that many Left Handers go through when seeking instructions to learn to crochet. That’s why I offer 1:1 Crochet Lesson especially designed for Left Handers.

Ready Handmade Crochet Wear & Accessories That are Wool-Free

Sultana’s Crochet provides beautiful and unique crochet wear and jewelry that will make you stand out in a crowd. If you’re allergic or have a sensitivity to wool, this is the place to shop worry-free.

*All of Sultana’s Crochet items are made in a wool-free, nut-free, and pet-free environment.

Handmade Jewelry

I also have handmade crochet and non-crochet jewelry at Sultana’s Crochet. Boho Style is my specialty with a mix of Traditional.

Sultana does beautiful work, and since I’m allergic to wool, I love that her creations are wool-free! You won’t regret investing in one of Sultana’s sweaters or other pieces. My teen daughter has even borrowed mine from my closet!

Lisa Bushman

 I truly enjoyed being a beta tester for Sultana Crochet.  I tested her Ear Warmer/Headband pattern.  I found  this pattern to be extremely user friendly for a beginner crocheter. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.
This  Ear Warmer/Headband would make a great gift that can be made in a short time.  I have already started working on my second one to give as a gift to my granddaughter, and I’m enjoying wearing this one that I’ve tested.  It’s very comfortable and easy to wear
Razia Mateen

Sultana’s jewelry is so pretty– I get compliments every time I wear a pair of my earrings. She uses attractive stones and intricate metals to create unique pieces that are light and comfortable to wear all day. And they all look just as new as the day I bought them! Best jewelry for a great price!

Sarah Hedlund

Archivist, violin teacher and lover of cats.

I’ve adored Sultana for years, and I was thrilled to test her very first pattern. The scarf was so easy to make. The pattern is simple for any newbie to try and challenging enough to keep an expert crocheter engaged. I had a blast with this pattern, and so will other creatives.

Vone Kevitz

Designer and Maker