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Hi Guys! I hope you are doing well. Today, I’m going to be talking about “Yarn”. I love yarn.  In fact, if you are a fiber artist, i.e. crocheter, knitter, weaver, dyer, etc., yarn is an essential part of your life. I’m surrounded by yarn and even though certain portions of my home may look like a yarn warehouse; I’m still looking for more yarn to purchase. I’m not sure, but I think I’m a yarn hoarder. Okay, so now that I’ve admitted it, I feel better and can move on. (Haha!)

As I said, I’m going to be talking about “Yarn”. Now as many of you might not know, I’m allergic to wool. Yes, that’s right! Some of you might be wondering how I can be a crocheter and be allergic to wool. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s quite easy because there are tons of wool-free yarns that are available on the market these days. I’m always searching for high quality and beautiful wool-free yarn. I have a long list of yarns that I love, but I’m only sharing seven with you in this post. I will share more with you in future posts.

All of the yarns on my list for this post are from Premier Yarns. One of the big reasons why I love Premier Yarns, besides that they are so beautiful, is because many of their yarns are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified. What that means is they have passed the highest standard, which is suitable for direct contact with the most sensitive skin, even babies and small children. They have been tested for over 350 harmful substances by independent laboratories, and certified NOT to contain harmful levels of irritants, allergens, or carcinogens. This is particularly important to me as I have many allergies and I feel comfortable using these yarns in my designs.

I only use wool-free yarn on my pieces at Sultana’s Crochet. In addition, because of my allergies, all of my Crochet Wear and Jewelry are made in a Nut-Free, Pet-Free, and Smoke-Free environment. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything from my shop if you have any of those allergies.

So, with that said, here we go with the count down:

7 of My Favorite Wool-Free Yarns

  1. Premier Cotton Sprout
  2. Premier Home Cotton Cone
  3. Premier Home Cotton Solids & Multis (Small)
  4. Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Bobbin
  5. Premier Sweet Roll
  6. Premier Basix Worsted
  7. Premier Bunny
  1. Premier Cotton Sprout Yarn is one of Premier Yarns latest new yarn. It’s made with 100% cotton and is size 3-lightweight. It comes in a ball – 3.5 oz/100g and 230 yds/210m. The suggested crochet hook for this yarn is a US Size H (5mm) hook and for knitting needles US Size 6 (4mm). I love that it can be machine washed and dried too. It comes in 32 beautiful colors that you can use in any of your projects. This yarn is super soft, and I’ve been enjoying crocheting with it so far, plus I haven’t experienced any splitting of the yarn either. It would be great to make just about anything i.e. shawls, scarves, baby blankets, accessories and more. I’m really loving this cotton yarn and I have included photos of some projects that I’m working on at the moment.

2. Premier Home Cotton Cone is another yarn that I love. This yarn is 85% recycled cotton, 15% polyester, and is size 4-medium weight. It comes in a cone 14oz/400g, 700yds/640m. The suggested crochet hook for this yarn is Size I-9 (5.5mm) and Size US 8 (5mm) knitting needles. I’ve made ponchos and home accessories i.e. decorative mats, potholders, placemats, coasters, washcloths and more with this yarn. It comes in 18 colors and can be machine washed and dried. Here are some photos of some of the projects that I’ve made with this yarn:

3. Premier Home Cotton Solids & Multis (Small) are smaller versions of Premier Home Cotton Cone yarn. This yarn is 85% recycled cotton, 15% polyester, and is size 4-medium weight. Each Solid color skein is 2.65 oz/75 g, 131 yds/120m and the Multis are 1.94 oz/55 g, 96 yds/88m. There are 56 colors to choose from. The suggested crochet hook to use with this yarn is I-9 (5.5mm) hook. The suggested knitting needles to use are size US 8 (5mm) needles.

This yarn is great when you have a smaller project like making a washcloth, dishcloth, potholder, scrubbies, etc. It would also be great for amigurumi. Please note that this yarn cannot be microwaved. This is important when it comes to making household items. Here is a photo of a project that I made with this yarn:

4. Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Bobbin Yarn is an incredibly special concept. There are 3 different yarns on 1 bobbin. All of the yarns are a size 4 medium weight and all 3 colors co-ordinate with each other. You can use each strand of yarn to make a medium weight project, hold 2 strands together to make a bulky weight project, or hold 3 strands together to make a super bulky project. You have so much freedom to create unique projects.

The suggested crochet hook is US Size I-9 (5.5mm) for knitting US Size 8 (5mm) needles. You get a total of 9oz (255 g), 543yds/498m of yarn on the bobbin. Each color of the 3 coordinating color yarn is divided into 3oz/35g, 181yds/166m). It comes in 21 colors and is 100% Anti-Pilling Acrylic.

I have used this yarn to make a scarf. I love how I could choose different colors in any combination that I desired, and everything was all together on 1 spool. This yarn was easy to work with and it’s extra soft.

Tip: I put my Bobbin Yarn on a paper towel holder, as Premier Yarns suggested, to make it easier to with, and it worked out great.

Recently, I just completed a custom order using this yarn. My customer requested a Hooded Crochet Sweater Coat. The colorway that she chose is called Nighttime. I used 2 strands together to make the coat bulky weight. She was incredibly pleased how everything came together. Here is a photo of the completed project. This yarn is Oeko-Tex Certified.

5. Premier Sweet Roll Yarn was the first yarn that I used from this company. I fell in love with it right away. I couldn’t believe how soft it was and I loved the color combinations in every skein. In addition, I love that it’s machine washable and dryable. This yarn is so easy to work with and I’ve made many projects with it i.e. scarves, long vests, and coats.

Sweet Roll Yarn is 100% Acrylic and is size 4 medium weight. It comes in 26 different color combinations and I love all of them. This yarn has become one of my go to yarns when I want to easily mix different colors in my pieces because each skein has 3 different colors.

The suggested crochet hook size is US Size 9 (5.5mm) and for knitting US Size 9 (5mm) knitting needles. Each skein contains Here is a photo of a project using Sweet Roll. This yarn is Oeko-Tex Certified. This is a photo of a piece that I crocheted with this yarn:

6. Premier Basix Worsted Yarn is another favorite of mine. This yarn is incredibly soft, and it comes in 48 different colors. The suggested crochet hook is US Size I-9 (5.5mm) and for knitting US Size 9 (5.5mm) knitting needles. Each skein has Solids: 7 oz/200 g, 359yds/328m and Multis: 5oz/ 140g, 245yds/ 224m of yarn. It’s size 4 medium weight.

I love that you get so much yarn in one skein which makes it a very economical buy. It’s especially ideal for large projects like blankets and afghans. This yarn is machine washable and dryable which will make it extremely easy to care for any project that you create with it. It is also Oeko-Tex Certified. Here is a photo of a project that I made with this yarn:

7, Premier Bunny Yarn is a fun and whimsical yarn that has become one of my favorites to use to accent my projects. This yarn is 100% Polyester. The suggested crochet hook is US Size P (15mm) and for knitting US Size 19 (15mm) knitting needles. It has in 7oz/200g – 87yds/80m of yarn on each skein. This yarn is size 7 Jumbo and it comes in 18 colors. It can be machine washed- gentle, do not bleach, do not iron, tumble dry-normal-low heat, dry clean any solvent except trichloroethyene.

This yarn is unbelievably soft and fluffy, and I’ve used it on one project so far. I do have to caution you that it’s a little difficult work with when you first start out. The yarn is so fluffy that it makes it hard to see each stitch as you’re working with it. You have to rely a lot on touch to find where to put your next stitch. However, it became much easier to work with it as I was crocheting on my project. You have to use a little more effort to crochet with this yarn, but it’s worth it! This is a photo of the project that I made with this yarn:

So, this rounds up 7 of My Favorite Wool-Free Yarns. If you’re a Maker or Aspiring Maker and you have an allergy to wool, I hope that the information in this post is helpful for you when making your yarn choices. Personally, I loved working with all of these yarns, and I recommend that you try them too. Even if you’re not a Maker, you might want to pick up some of this yarn as a gift for a friend. If you do decide to try some of this yarn, please let me know your opinion about them in the comments below.

P.S. I will be making posts about more of my favorite wool-free yarns soon.

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