About Sultana

Handmade Visual Designer and Maker

Hi There! My name is Sultana Muzikir of sultanamuzikir. com and I’m a business owner and multi-passionate entrepreneur.  I am a Handmade Visional Designer and Maker. What that means is that I bring beauty and joy into people’s lives through the Arts, One Handmade Piece at a Time.

I’m a left-hand crocheter who’s allergic to wool and I’ve been crocheting for over 45 years. A friend taught me how to crochet, however, it was a little difficult because she was right-handed. However, I finally caught on and “no pun intended”, I was hooked. 😀

Eventually, I started making wool-free crochet pieces for myself, family friends, and co-workers. Everyone was loving what I was making for them and a friend suggested that I should start selling my crochet wear as a business.

After some time thinking it over, I thought that there must be other people who are allergic to wool like myself who could benefit from my handmade, wool-free, crochet wear and from that point, Sultana’s Crochet was born.







Our Purpose

At Sultana’s Crochet, we bring the joy of life to people through the Arts – One Handmade Piece at a Time.

Our Mission

To provide handmade wool-free crochet wear and jewelry for the lovers of handmade (including those who are allergic or have a sensitivity to wool).  We also provide crochet lessons and patterns for those who want to learn a new skill to express their creativity. If you’re a lefty, we’ve got you covered too.

Our Vision 

We see Sultana’s Crochet being able to spread the love and appreciation of all things handmade throughout our communities, and empowering people to explore their creativity to make this world a better place for all.

Our Core Values

  • Treat people with respect
  • Provide quality products and services
  • Acknowledge the fact that all people possess artistic skills
  • Celebrate everyone’s creativity where ever they may be in their journey.



Want to Learn How to  Crochet?