Products I Love

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My name is Sultana Muzikir and I’m a Handmade Visual Designer and Maker who loves everything handmade. At Sultana’s Crochet, I use many different products and tools when creating and designing my crochet wear, jewelry, and art work. I thought that I would share some of my favorite products and services that I use with you and perhaps they can help you in your creative process.


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like grocery shopping. That’s one chore I can do without. That’s why I use Instacart to purchase all of my groceries. They have so many stores you can shop from like major grocery stores, pharmacies, Target, Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Sephora, Best Buy, etc. I’m all about convenience. I can order what I want online and have everything delivered to me in 2 hours. No more driving to the store, looking for my items, standing in line, driving back home and then putting the groceries away. I love it!!! To top things off, Instacart recently added Michaels to the stores that they offer. OMG!!! I am soooo excited!!! Now, I can order my crochet, jewelry and other crafting supplies and have them delivered to me in 2 hours too.

If you don’t like grocery shopping like me, or you just love the convenience of online shopping, which saves you time and energy, I highly recommend that you try Instacart. Click on this link to get started. Happy Shopping!

Amazon Prime

One of my main resources that I use for just about everything is Amazon Prime. I absolutely love it!!! I highly recommend that everyone should try Amazon Prime out. You can find just about everything that you’re looking for on Amazon. I love the convenience of shopping and when you have Amazon Prime, you can receive your items within at least 2 days and sometimes even faster. On top of everything else, you also get Free Shipping! Depending on when you order some items, you can receive them the same or next day at no extra charge. I have ordered so many different types of things on Amazon i.e. crochet supplies, clothing, shoes, toys, kitchen ware, food, and the list goes on and on. Amazon Prime always comes to the rescue when I need something quickly for something I’m making or an event that I’m attending. You can try it today by clicking on this link or the banner below. I don’t think that you’ll regret it. Happy Shopping!

Crochet Tools & Accessories

  • Becraftee Hook Crochet Kit – I love this kit because it has everything that you would need to get started crocheting. In matter of fact, it would also be great for makers who have been crocheting for years. It comes with nine ergonomic handle crochet hooks sizes B-1 (2mm) to J -10 (6mm). The hooks are very comfortable and they are designed to help ease the pain of arthritis and hand pain while crocheting. In addition this kit has yarn needles, stitch markers, scissors, a measuring tape, a row counter, and a gauge ruler. As a bonus, a Hook Conversion Chart is included which shows hook sizes for the US, Metric, and UK. I like that everything is in a cute polka dot zipper case, which makes it easy to carry for travel, etc.

  • Susan Bates Crystalites Crochet Hook Set– This set has hook sizes L, M, N, and P. Sometimes you need some larger crochet hooks when working with bulky and super bulky yarns. I love this crochet hooks because they are very lightweight and I love the colors. I really like working with bulky yarn and I use these hooks quite often.

  • I love my Stella Light! Lighting is so important when you’re working on any type of craft, reading, etc. I use it while I’m crocheting and making jewelry. It has three settings that you can adjust the type of lighting you want i.e. cool, pure white, or warm lighting. You can also adjust the intensity of the light. Also, the neck is flexible, so you have the freedom to adjust it to exactly where you need the light.

  • B-Land Cell Phone Holder – I have a few cell phone holders. This is one of my latest purchases and I really love the flexibility of this holder. I use it when I’m taking product photo and making videos for my YouTube Channel, etc. It makes it so much easier to get just the right angle for taking photos and videos.

  • Premier Yarns Sweet Roll – This is one of my favorite yarns. Since I’m allergic to wool, I’m always looking for good quality wool-free yarn. This yarn definitely fits the bill. I love the color, Frosty Swirl, and the color changes make it easy to crochet a piece with multiple colors. This yarn has been tested for over 300 harmful ingredients and it is great for people with sensitive skin (even babies). I will be making a blog post soon going into more depth of my favorite yarns.

Fiskars Miccro Tip Scissors

  • These scissors are small but mighty. They are very sharp and I use them for cutting my yarn and fabric. The small size makes it easy to store and carry in my yarn bag.

Homest Yarn Storage Bag

This is an awesome storage bag that I can store and carry many skeins of yarn, crochet hooks, crochet projects, etc. I love the large capacity of this bag. It also makes it very convenient to carry my projects and tools with me wherever I go. In addition, I love the zig-zag design on this bag. It can also be used for any other type of storage that you desire.

Jewelry Making Tools & Accessories

The Beadsmith Deluxe Ergo 9-Piece Tool Set for Jewelry Making

This is a professional kit that would be great for beginner and experienced jewelry makers. All of the tools are high quality and will make your job much easier as you work on your projects. I like that it has a carrying case to keep all of the tools together. The compact size of the kit makes it easy to take with you when you’re on the go. This set includes chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, side-cutter pliers, nylon flat nose pliers, crimping pliers, knot cutter pliers, knotting and split-ring tweezers, and a bead scoop.

Vintaj 1-Step Looping Pliers

I love these pliers! If you have trouble like I do making loops that are the same size for jewelry making, then these are the pliers for you! They make 1.5 mm loops and it’s so easy to make consistent size loops when you are making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. These pliers are so easy to use and you can makes lots of loops in a short amount of time. They are a life saver!

The Beadsmith 1-Step Looper, 3mm

I love these pliers also! These make larger 3mm loops for jewelry making. These pliers are easy to use and make it so easy to make consistent loops in just one step. If you don’t have this tool, you need to get one. You won’t be sorry!!!

Hi-Tech Memory Wire Cutters

These are special wire cutters that you need to cut Memory Wire. Memory Wire is very hard and it keeps it’s shape when you pull it apart. If you use regular cutters, you will ruin them. This specialty tool makes a clean and smooth cut. If you work with Memory Wire, you definitely need these Memory Wire Cutters.

Head Mount Magnifier Headband

When you’re making jewelry or doing any sort of close-up work, you need help seeing what you are doing. So, I use this headband magnifier which is very convenient because it’s hands-free. You can adjust it to fit your head and it fits over your eyeglasses or safety goggles. It comes with 4 interchangeable lenses, so you can adjust the strength of magnification. (1.5X at 15″ focal length, 2.0X 10″, 2.5X 7″, 3.5X 6″. Although I use this magnifier for making jewelry, you can use it for reading, sewing, art work, and any other hobbies or crafts.


Canon TR7020 All-In-One Wireless Printer

This printer is awesome! It’s not only a printer, it’s a scanner and copier. You can print from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. In addition, you can download apps that give you the capability to print photos, calendars, posters, and other crafts. I use this printer for my business to scan and print documents, print photos, and much more.